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The Ultimate Travel Trouser Dormeuil

Today’s jet-set lifestyle requires wardrobe solutions that provide comfort and style – with performance. A high twist yarn in a classic tan color is perfect for a travel trouser that will look neat and pressed on planes, trains, and automobiles. From Tonik Wool bunch 904 – 290.060 (59) 100% Worsted Wool (with stretch) 295 gr ... Read More

Yacht Club Style Dormeuil Fabric

You don’t have to have a yacht to look like you’re dressed and ready for the Summer sunshine. Tradition and history meet contemporary technology and style with Dormeuil’s latest collection of luxury cloths for Summer jackets. Classic navy paired with white and rust accents is easily paired with casual trousers, jeans, or chinos. The worsted ... Read More

The Lux Tux Dormeuil Fabrics – OSCARS 2019 Men’s fashion

Last night’s Oscars featured myriad avant-garde looks from both presenters and nominees… When an event calls for something more exciting than a black tuxedo, a classic black watch tartan can add another dimension. From Celebration box set 907: 518.552 (11) 55% Worsted Wool 45% Silk 240 gr / 8 oz Crushed velvet in silver is ... Read More

Linen with Performance

The light “airy” breathability of Linen is enhanced with performance in Dormeuil’s new Cosmos collection of Spring jacketing fabrics. From Cosmos (903): 417.501 (1) 75% Worsted Wool 15% Silk 10% Linen 230 gr / 7.5 oz Worsted Wool adds strength and dimensional stability (as well as crease resistance) to this lightweight luxury cloth. From Cosmos ... Read More

Textures of Summer for Dormeuil Fabrics

Imagine a Spring / Summer cloth with depth and texture as well as crease resistance and breathability… Imagine no more. Tonik Wool is a new innovation from the House of Dormeuil that not only delivers these qualities (above) but is a luxury cloth with a guarantee of traceability and a priority to protect the environment. ... Read More

Hey 2019! These Are the Best Outfit Styles So Far

The start of the new year calls for a new wardrobe that’s filled with outfits of the latest style and fashion. You want to stay ahead of the fashion trends so you can dress to impress. After all, what could be better than to flaunt off your custom-made wardrobe with the latest trend? Here are ... Read More

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