Vintage Sportex Dormeuil Miami

Created by the House of Dormeuil in the 1920’s, Sportex was the very first fabric to be woven with a branded selvedge – another historic invention by Dormeuil.

From British Collection bunch 852: 460.016 (42) 380 gr / 12.5 oz

Sportex was indeed the very first “Sports fabric” designed specifically for casual chic style.

Sportex by Dormeuil,1960s,UK

Today’s Vintage Sportex recognized the trend towards authenticity – with a modern application. Rich, golden rustic hues are huge for Fall 2018.

From British Collection bunch 852: 460.008 (48) 380 gr / 12.5 oz


Sportex was also featured in the 2014 film “The Great Gatsby” and was chosen by 2 time Academy Award costume designer, Catherine Martin as the perfect cloth for the lead actors.

From British Collection bunch 852: 460.005 (53) 380 gr / 12.5 oz

Crafted into a winter suit or a casual chic jacket, Sportex has stood the test of time and is as relevant now as it has been throughout the last century.

From British Collection bunch 852: 460.022 (57) 380 gr / 12.5 oz

Celebrate modern style married with heritage and pedigree with exclusive luxury cloth by the House of Dormeuil.

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