Types of Silks – All You Need to Know

Silk has always been an emblem of royalty and class; it is an option that always takes over the grandeur of any event. Running out of ideas for bridesmaid dresses? Get silk gowns! Don’t know what to wear to the Saturday ballroom party? Well, an evening gown made of silk is the right choice! What should the mother of the bride and flower girl wear? Definitely, a luxurious studded silk dress!

Silk is included among the exclusive fabrics in Rex Fabrics Miami, which carries their own Silk collection; an haute couture is certainly incomplete without a breathtaking silk gown. Reflecting elite and high fashion, silk comes in a variety of types and styles. You can purchase any type of silk from Rex Fabrics, the quality is just spectacular among the plain or the printed ones, Rex render's a tailoring service to get your very own silk dress, custom-made to suit your needs. For making the right choice in fabric and style, let’s understand the different types of silk.

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A lightweight fabric, perfect for wraps and flattering gowns, charmeuse is a better insulator and less breathable fabric. It can be used for draping blouses or lighter clothing purposes such as lingerie. It perfectly balances out the silky biased cuts and minimizes the stitching tension.

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Do you want the perfect oomph in your can-can wedding gown? Chiffon is the right choice! Chiffon is a light and balanced fabric, weaved with S- and –Z twist crepe yarns. It is a little thicker than net but thinner than georgette. Chiffon is very delicate and should never be washed in the machine. It can be used in parts of the dress where you don’t want full coverage of the skin.

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Crepe de Chine

Finely weaved, lightweight and crimped, Crepe de Chine is a beautiful thin fabric used to create waves or add volume to your gown. Crepe is perfect to make a wavy skirt or blouse with puffed sleeves. It is manufactured with clockwise and anti-clockwise weaving techniques.

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Translucent, slightly crinkled and lightweight fabric, Gauze is used in blouses, skirts, and sleeves of evening gowns. depend


Crisp, smooth, shiny soft, Gazar is used to make voluminous bridesmaid evening gowns, and flower girl dresses. Gazar adds to your dress’ glamorous appeal.


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Thicker than chiffon, but thinner than Gazar, Georgette is a beautiful lightweight and breathable fabric used to make evening gowns, dresses, blouses and saris. It adds a flattering look to your dress and makes you look slimmer. A majority of the women’s fashion brands rely on georgette fabric.


Thicker than net and chiffon, but thinner than georgette, organza has a glamorous appeal. It has a stiffer look, which makes it a perfect choice for adding volume to your dress, evening gown or bridal veil.

Raw Silk

Quite thicker than other types of silk, raw silk is used to make your dress voluminous as well as flattering. It has a shimmering surface with a bright and shadowy appeal that changes when exposed to sunlight or artificial light.

The style and design of your dress or gown mainly depends on the choice of fabric. A right choice can entirely change the appeal and feel of your dress.

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You can easily find all of these at Rex Fabrics Miami.


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