Tuxedos and Smokings for the Elegant Man

By Gladys Rodríguez-Dod
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The modern man is fashion-conscious. Whether he is bold or traditional, something is certain: he is not afraid of dressing well. On the contrary! He explores all the avenues that fashion offers him, aware that he is sending a personal message, which clearly says what his tastes are, who and how he is, his social and financial status, and whether he has personal style or is simply very classy.

Although one can cultivate good taste… style in itself is acquired. The truth is that “one is born into class… because class cannot be bought!”

Certain men prefer sobriety… others are open to new ideas and, just like the dandies of this century, they easily impose trends. He is the one everyone admires… and then… everyone imitates! He always has a positive attitude, and chooses his wardrobe enthusiastically, without his mother’s help, or wife’s or girlfriend’s. For him fashion is simply a fun tool that allows him to enjoy life even more… and always perfectly dressed.

I personally admire the man who knows how to choose whatever he will wear for every occasion… and who is no longer satisfied owning a summer smoking and a winter one for those special nights; but who has several in his wardrobe, from a classic one to others that will allow him to show his bold and cheerful side. Is it a brocade smoking jacket? Why not? How about a turquoise, wine or shiny fabric? Well, of course! Because he knows he should dress according to the type of party he is going to… always enjoying the new designs that, bold and dramatic, match his strong personality well.

For many women, in case you do not know, dressing well is an aphrodisiac. I think that the man who knows how to dress well also has other qualities still to be discovered. One of the things that attracted me to the man who was to become my husband was his good taste in clothes. I loved it when he was going shopping one day and refused the pleasure of my company. And when he came home after a shopping trip, without previously consulting me on what he was going to buy, I applauded his selections wildly, because it confirmed what I had suspected: he was sure of himself and could compare what was elegant with the new trends.

Giving this some thought, and seeing all the wonderful fabrics we offer at Rex Fabrics, I thought it was time to talk about P.M. clothing for the modern man. We have it all at hand… from the shiniest of fabrics, to the most exquisite brocades, to precious fancy textiles… and our artisans offer an extraordinary cut and fit.

But then, men need some inspiration. That is why we have examined the latest men’s collections, and are offering here different ideas, launched by the major designers and labels.

For the gentleman who lives in a cold climate, BRIONI launched classic tuxedos paired with coats in the finest of wools; while GIORGIO ARMANI chose to modernize his styles and shortened the jackets to add a more youthful feeling. Following this trend, GUCCI used fancy charcoal grey fabrics in his designs, adding black accents to make them innovative.

But the classic ―the tuxedo that the elegant man has always preferred― is the star at RALPH LAUREN, where the cut and fit are of an elegance and chic like never before.

We also have to think of men that are bold… those who dare to dress different… because fashion should be also a source of amusement… and these have struck gold this season. TOM FORD preferred jackets made with the most precious brocades and, in shades like turquoise or emerald green, they create a brand new style.

And, of course, in LOUIS VUITTON they could not be left behind, and they preferred printed brocade in colors like red or wine with black, creating a bit retro feeling, that reminds us of those tuxedos of the marquis Emilio Pucci, who made waves in the 1970s… Do you remember? They still are fashionable in the 21st century… and it lets us know once again… that there is nothing new in fashion! Right?

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