Trending Topic at Rex: Peacock Inspired Fabrics & Embroidered Tulles

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In history, myth, legend and lore, the peacock is often seen as a symbol of nobility, holiness, guidance, protection and watchfulness. In Babylonia and Persia the peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty, and is typically seen on engravings made upon the thrones of royals. The peacock is a destroyer of serpents and they are known to swallow their poisonous venom without harm. According to ancient beliefs, the poison it swallows is used to create its colorful plumage and a peacock’s blood was believed to dispel evil spirits. In South Florida, you’ll see peacocks crossing the roads across neighborhoods like Pinecrest and Coconut Grove. The peacocks look majestic and they seem to live a tranquil life roaming around home gardens. At Rex Fabrics, we’ve seen a number of customers request peacock inspired fabrics so we decided to share a selection of new arrivals as well as fabrics you will find at our multi-leveled Coral Gables store.

The silk fabric shown above as well as the one you’ll see below are coming to Rex Fabrics this summer. The first fabric features an intricate design that’s meant to resonate with the prominent tail of a peacock. The bright pink background is a great color hue for the summer since it’s all about livening up your wardrobe. At Rex, we welcome customers to meet with our highly specialized team of haute couture designers to create a one-of-a-kind look with our exclusive fabrics from around the world. The silk fabric you’ll see below already comes with an image of a gold necklace which adds to the elegance of the fabric once it moves around in the wind.

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Above: A blue silk taffeta fabric embellished with real peacock feathers. This fabric is already available at Rex and it’s the perfect choice for those clients who really want to make a “peacock” statement. When you lift this fabric and move it around, the blue color shines with the light and it quickly changes to a more turquoise tone. It truly is a magical fabric and it’s the closest you’ll get to connecting with your inner peacock!

peacock-fabric (1)

peacock-fabric (2)

Above: Three varieties of the same embroidered tulle fabric. Clients may find these blue, white, and red tulles on the second floor of our store. As you’ll notice, each peacock feather is delicately shaped and designed by using colorful threads and gold sequins. These sheer tulle options are often used to enhance gowns that are made with solid colored fabrics. It’s the best way to add a pop of detail to your final look. Could you imagine making a peacock inspired wedding dress using the white tulle shown above? Well, anything is possible at Rex Fabrics and as long as you have a vision of your dream dress, our experienced team of designers will make them into a reality!

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