Top Dye Blue Dormeuil Miami

What makes Dormeuil’s top dye cloth so special when compared to regular piece dye or yarn dye cloth?

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There are three types of dying processes:

1. Piece dye – where pre-woven fabric is dyed (mass production)

2. Yarn dye – where spun yarn is dyed a single color (higher quality mass production)

3. Top dye – where the worsted wool fiber is dyed and then color blended into top dye yarn (exclusive small run top quality production)

Top dye yarn creates a complex color that reads like an oil painting. Many colors are working together to create a hue with depth and character.

Top dye yarn is dyed to the very core of the fiber so that the color will last (and stay vivid) for the life of the garment. This color does not fade with time.

For blazers and suits, a top dye blue cloth is a statement of sophistication, taste, and elegance. 

When you see and feel the quality, you can appreciate what goes into creating this extraordinary level of luxury.

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