Dormeuil’s Top Dyed Yarn

While yarn dyed cloth is superior to the piece dyed cloth, the real luxury fabric, woven with top dyed yarn. Dormeuil creates exclusive luxury material that is mostly set up with top dyed yarn.
Those mills (unlike Dormeuil) who are in the business of mass production, spin ecru colored yarn and then dye this pre-spun yarn using heat and pressure to saturate the yarn.

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Unlike yarn dyed cloth, the top dyed one is woven with top dyed yarn. The top color thread is created by blending up to 16 different colors of dyed fiber into a single ply. The result is a rich and complex color that reads like an oil painting.

Colour is applied to the cloth by different procedures of dyeing for different models of fiber, and at different stages of the textile production process. Dyeing should be done during any stage in the textile manufacturing process. The cloth may be dyed as fibre, as yarn, as fabric, as garments, depending upon the type of the fabric.

Top dyeing is also the dyeing of the fibre before it is spun into yarn and serves the same purpose as stock dyeing that is, to produce soft, heather-like color effects. The term top refers to the fibres of wool from which the short fibres have been removed.

A top dyed color cannot be recreated or copied using a yarn dye process. A gray shade, for example, can be given a unique vintage look by blending in a mustard shade in the spinning process:

A blue shade can be given infinite degrees of brightness, color density, or hue definition by combining varying shades (of blue, red, or any other color) in the spinning process:

Dormeuil delivers genuine exclusive luxury cloth at the very end of the quality spectrum. Check out Dormeuil fabrics available at Rex Fabrics

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