Top 3 Trends from Miami Fashion Week 2016

Miami Fashion Week 2016 recently wrapped up, and this year’s theme was “Resort Wear.” We saw many vibrant looks on the runway this year, from a cat woman-esque bathing suit to vibrant and playful patterns, here are a few favorite trends from MFW to keep you stylish all summer long.

Playful Patterns
Patterened fabrics with bright colors were definitely prominent at Miami Fashion Week. This look was shown during the FISICO by Cristina Ferrari show. Pair with a solid color purse, and chic sunglasses to complete the beachy, yet sophisticated look.

Photo: Getty Images

Sheer Fabrics
Per resort wear theme, luxury designer Andres Sarda made a statement with sheer fabric creations. These designs are sure to be popular throughout the season as they are lightweight, and a are a way to show off your bathing suit-without the sand.

Photo: Getty Images

We saw this trend at New York Fashion Week 2016, and it seems as though the 70s tie-dye trend is here to stay. Fashion designer Rene Ruiz showcased her take on the fad with beautiful gowns and pieces that resembled a mermaid-esque look. Get your hands on a tie-dye kit, and hop on this summer trend.

Photo: Getty Images

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