Ties and Bow Ties for Men in Miami

The moment you step onto the streets of Miami, you will instantly feel the change in vibe. This is where you come face to face with a whole new level of class that is apparent in every individual who walks by.
While Miami women are obvious figures of beauty and chicness put together, the men of Miami are not far behind. From the gel laden hair on the top of their heads to the shiny leather shoes, a refined sense of style is blatant in every feature of Miami. Knowing their clientele, the fashion designers work day in luxe experience. Rex Fabrics is one brand known for its exclusive collection for men.

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Rex Fabrics – Luxury for Men

While picking out a suit and the proper shoes to go along with it is an exciting feat, the real deal is choosing the right designer ties or luxury bow ties to match. Luxury ties are needed by men for events like banquets, formal dinners, weddings and launch parties – every event has a different style requirement. Rex Fabric brings a luxury silk tie collection offered by renowned brands like Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Valentino, Giannelli, Dior, Izza, Atelier F&B, Canali, Guy Laroche, Gianfranco Ferre, Moschino, Josiah France and Scabal to name a few. They also have custom made ties for all types of formal occasions.

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Show off Your Panache

Professional men ties are in demand when it comes to the corporate world. When it comes to Rex Fabric’s ties, Miami is filled with graceful men parading around showcasing the elegant collection. In the case of bow ties, Miami is still the leading hub. These designer ties give men a polished look that distinguishes them from others.
Rex Fabrics in Miami is your go-to designer brand when it comes to luxury bow ties and ties. Pulling off elegance with great finesse is Rex Fabric’s motto and they never fail to disappoint the fine men of Miami.

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