The Science of Stretch

The Science of Stretch

The innovative spirit of the House of Dormeuil has led to a new era in comfort and luxury: a 100% worsted wool with 20% stretch.

Exel's unique stretch is the result of a number of manufacturing techniques which enhance the natural elasticity of a superb grade of long filament merino wool fiber.

During the high tech dying process, the fiber absorbs dye while maintaining a natural elasticity.

During the spinning process, the fiber is spun into yarn with an appreciation for temperature and ambient moisture levels to control the twist and tension of the yarn to further enhance this natural stretch.

In the finishing process the fabric is finally "set" at 150 cm (60') width (having been woven at a wider width) and this seals the natural stretch into the cloth for the life of the garment.

Unlike elastine or lycra which breaks down during dry cleaning and loses stretch (little by little) over time, 100% worsted wool retains it's memory.

Exel marries 174 years of history and pedigree with tireless innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

The fabric moves easily, producing an extraordinary level of comfort but with an impeccable silhouette and lasting drape.

Enjoy the freedom of movement that Exel provides!

Prunelle 100% Worsted Wool Super 130's 260 gr 8.5 oz
Plain Weave 100% Worsted Wool 270 gr 9 oz

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