By Maritza Villarroel
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Chanel surprises us with the modernity of its collection inspired in modern art, but with the basic always present in its designs.

New cuts, fabrics and lots of colors were revealed by Chanel’s fashion house during the last week of fashion that took place in the Parisian city.  The 2014 Spring-Summer collection presented itself as a modern scene, with great audacity and a “tweed” look in its version as a result of the author of the creations, Karl Lagerfield’s transformation.

Many of the designs were American-style dresses, pants, jackets with open sleeves, and some anti-Chanel designs, that were worn under a palette of colors calling upon the art of painting.

With this design, the French fashion house played with parallelism, art and fashion in the line of white clothes, where Lagerfield’s designs, a modernist style invaded by multi-color pieces, very remote from the elegance that characterizes this famous company, manifested themselves.

As a design supplement, large pearl necklaces and multi-color bags with designs of the same fabric were worn.

Every women’s dream to wear an elegant design from the prestigious house of French fashion vanished on the red carpet of the Grand Palais ONU transformed into an Art Gallery.




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