The Lightness of Linen

Linen is a natural fiber and the highest quality linen comes from Europe; particularly France and Ireland.

Linen fiber is lightweight and breathable so is the perfect ingredient for Summer fabrics designed for jackets as well as casual suits.

The natural ecru taupe color of linen allows dyes to create the organic looking hues of nature.

From D Philosophy 806: 883,202 (34) 37% Silk 33% Linen 30% Worsted Wool 260 gr / 8.5 oz

When combined with worsted wool, fabric woven with linen is still light and breathable, but has added crease resistance and recovery.

From Naturals 805: 417.318 (41) 80% Worsted Wool 20% Linen 280 gr / 9 oz

In a super lightweight 7 oz cloth, worsted wool and linen create the ultimate casual chic jacket for Summer.

From Calypso 807: 417.404 (4) 80% Worsted Wool 20% Linen 220 gr / 7 oz

Look sharp and feel cool in the hot Summer months wearing exclusive luxury cloth by the House of Dormeuil.


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