The Latest Trend: Suits that Leave us Breathless

Gladys Rodríguez-Dod
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Delicious fashion trends emerge in every season and, strangely enough, the two-piece suit or tailleur has been revived for the 2013 autumn-winter season, updated and with enough glamour to spare. These are suits for every occasion in the most wonderful of textures and colors, with short and coquettish skirts as well as very long ones, whose effect is that of stylizing the silhouette as well as making us look ten pounds lighter. They are very well designed fashions... elegant... of different styles to flatter the curves and, decisively, very sensual. I would say... their beauty leaves us breathless! And how!

While born in England, the cradle of men’s fashions, Beau Brummell was credited for inventing the man’s suit and, not long afterwards, it was the forced choice of men around the world. Through the years the suit has been modernized and updated, but always with great chic. And, of course, women realized how well they looked and, once again, we stole the idea.

Although in the 1800s some sort of woman’s suit was created for horseback riding, a take-off of the men’s suit, it was Coco Chanel who launched it. She originally presented it with a white blouse, a neck scarf and a beret instead of a hat; but with time she realized that its possibilities were endless. Versatile, practical, comfortable, with cuts that stand the passage of time, it was ideal for women when they began to take part in the working force.


It was also Coco who decided to use precious knit fabrics which were, besides elegant, very beautiful and sensual. Years later, the great Cuban designer Adolfo, inspired by her, launched his line of knit suits that were memorable. Recently, the St. John label has designed its line with great taste in the most unusual colors, becoming the mandatory dress of many women when traveling because they never wrinkle and always look very chic.

This season the choices are like never before. You will find the traditional suits, and then several very sophisticated and glamorous creations that can be worn for a cocktail.

CHANEL still is the house that gives us the best knit designs, now more youthful and sensual and coordinated with mini-skirts, as well as longer ones. OSCAR DE LA RENTA adds a touch of fineness and great charm, in multicolored fabrics that provoke and tempt.

ELIE SAAB chose the most beautiful wools for his suits. The designs are very feminine and they are made in colors like purple, which will become a must for the season. GUCCI, though, preferred to use the finest leathers on his designs. Black is of great impact and very much of this 21st century.

CHRISTIAN DIOR removed the sleeves of his designs, lengthened skirts and created a new and very chic look. In black and white they are... heaven! LOUIS VUITTON chose to explore the use of brocades and embroidered silks, and they seem to be fun, reminding us of those fancy pajamas.

For the cocktail hour, CAROLINA HERRERA is the designer to watch. She used precious shiny silks in shades like gold or tan, and added mink details to give them a certain allure and great elegance. And, of course, GIORGIO ARMANI chose to design the prettiest skirts that resemble the petals of a cocoon, paired with jackets with white ruffles, proving that he is a genius when it comes to a well cut and fitted outfit.

Why not visit us soon? I can assure you that at REX FABRICS you will find the prettiest materials ever. Our designers will use these designs as a starting point. I’ll see you here!

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