The Glamour of the New Evening Bags

By  Gladys Rodríguez-Dod
Exclusively By Rex Fabrics
Fine Fabrics from Around the World

The new evening bags have personality… they are elegant… they are glamorous and very modern. Without a doubt, they are perfect complement to achieve any look... and one of the key accessories in our wardrobe.

This winter season we have seen them in unexpected colors… pink, white, royal blue, and in delicious combinations such as red with black, colors that we have always associated with the summer season. But fashion designers no longer believe in seasons, and they know how to use the most beautiful tones, even for cold, sad and rainy days.

The new evening bags are an invitation to have fun… to dance… to drink champagne… and always to be aware that we have all eyes fixed on us because we radiate good taste. And why not?

In P.M. fashion we find exquisite styles for cocktails and grand galas, and we must know how to choose the ideal bag... one which will enhance the gown, dress, or ensemble, adding a very special chic.

Once again, for this season the shapes are small … just like the minaudières... a style that, besides impressing others, liberates us from worrying over having to watch a pure gold one with diamonds and precious stones. We want to be exquisitely dressed for an important event and skip the hassle of having to watch our minaudière, a family heirloom, which competes in cost with the rows of diamonds gracing our neck.

Personally, I love the metal one studded with stones… as well as the ones with fringes or feathers, because they give that glamorous touch that, besides being sophisticated, are also of great elegance.

The new evening bags have brought innovative ideas… very much in tune with today’s trends. Would you have ever thought that you would carry a white leather bag at night? Or perhaps you would have been surprised to see an evening bag made completely out of fringes… or flowers.

This is what our most outstanding designers are offering this winter. And I have chosen several really spectacular designs that will serve as a starting point to choose not one bag… but several! for those wonderful nights of the new season.

Besides, let me remind you that we also make bags here at Rex Fabrics. Not long ago I discovered one full of flowers that rendered me a sleepless night… and I had to rush back to the store the next morning for fear that it was going to be gone. And when a friend of mine had the idea of knitting some very charming squares, our artists with the needle invented a one-of-a-kind purse that turned out to be very unique.

We also offer other bags crafted by young European designers that are exquisite. The secret is in our mood… in the outfit we will wear... and the image we want to project.

Since I love the great designers’ logos, I lose my head over CHANEL, and now they present us bags with huge “Cs”, with stones and black satin... CHRISTIAN DIOR preferred to design satin evening bags with cute shoes embroidered with stones, which are fun and flirty at the same time.

Fringes are in vogue and, in the hands of GIORGIO ARMANI, they turn out to be spectacular. In silver, the result is a small and sexy bag.

NINA RICCI preferred the pastel tones, and her pink purses full of feathers are simply… precious!

Intense colors reigned in the house of LOUIS VUITTON, and bags in shades such as royal blue are a must for winter. In VALENTINO he felt that the whitest of whites… like snow! is now ideal for the winter season, and he created leather bags with details in white mink; but in LANVIN they felt that black goes with everything and they preferred creating very beautiful box clutches, minaudière style, in metal and sometimes with gold.

FENDI also wanted to offer this type of bag, but his combined black with red and sometimes details in royal blue were added.

And DOLCE & GABBANA launched beautiful bags in gold metal embroidered with beads, which, in addition to being showy, are very elegant. It’s the ideal complement to any material or color. How wonderful is the current fashion?










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