The Fabrics Utilized in the Confection of Haute Couture Fashion

By: Maritza Villarroel
Exclusively for Rex Fabrics
Fine Fabrics from Around the World

Haute couture designers use only the finest fabrics and materials, which

they painstakingly hand-stitch. Some pieces require more than 100 hours

of labor depending on the design.

However, it must be understood that the term “haute couture” comes

from the French language, which means, “elegant couture”. The term in

fashion refers to a premiere clothing line that is uniquely designed to fit

the body and posture of a specific client.

This work is widely recognized and truly valued in the world. Affluent

individuals that have the ability to choose and pay for the design of an

exclusive piece generally use this term.

Many of the best-known designers use some of the most expensive

fabrics in fashion. These fabrics, such as fur, are commonly used for

making bags, hats, jackets and shoes. Fashion professionals, including

Kaplan, Georges, Bergdorf, Chanel and Goodman, continue to use animal

furs such as leopard, mink, crocodile, chinchilla, and snake among

others, in many of their haute couture pieces.

Silk has been one of the most popular fibers for designers due to its

delicacy, elegance and brilliance. It was used in China for many years to

create clothing for Ancient Chinese royalty. Real silk is created from silk

worms and is one of the preferred choices of haute couture designers,

such as Valentino, who uses this fabric in their dresses and accessories.

Cashmere is another soft fiber that is strong and light and heavily used

throughout haute couture designs. Generally it is used for winter designs

such as sweaters, scarves and hats. This fiber is obtained from the

underbelly of goats when they shed their coats in spring. This is generally

softer as it has not been mixed with other strands of animal hair.

Cashmere in haute couture is highly valued by designers.

Cotton is also a very versatile fiber that is soft and used to create

garments such as shirts, pants and undergarments. The most luxurious

cottons in the world are from Egypt and Pima, Peru. This is mainly due to

the dimension of its threads, which are typically longer, smoother and

more absorbent. These qualities allow for the fabric to be traded at

higher prices in the International market.

Leather is another material that is more durable and very high in quality.

It comes from the tanning of animal hides. These hides are exposed to a

chemical called tannin, which makes them more flexible. Haute couture

designers use many types of animal skins for making shoes, bags, boots,

jackets and dresses. Each haute couture designer has put their personal

brand in leather to give a unique touch to each garment they exhibit

throughout the most prestigious fashion runways all around the world.

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