The Extravagant Lebanese Designer ABED MAHFOUZ

By: Maritza Villarroel Exclusivamente para Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World Mahfouz puts forth women’s curves at the service of their tri-dimensional and symmetric dresses, which make reference to his Eastern origin. This Lebanese designer has dazzled the fashion runways with his sculptural and extravagant collections that travel to the Eastern fashion to … Read More

The Fabrics Utilized in the Confection of Haute Couture Fashion

By: Maritza Villarroel Exclusively for Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World Haute couture designers use only the finest fabrics and materials, which they painstakingly hand-stitch. Some pieces require more than 100 hours of labor depending on the design. However, it must be understood that the term “haute couture” comes from the French language, … Read More