Which Fabrics to Choose for Men’s Contemporary Lifestyle

There are many different kinds of fabrics to be used for making great men’s clothes and all of them have their own purposes. A collection is mentioned in Rex Fabrics which is perfect for the contemporary lifestyle of men when they want to wear these clothes with the fabrics they want to feel cooler and … Read More

The Opulence and Beauty of the Brocades

Gladys Rodríguez-Dod Exclusively By Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World There is no other fabric with the opulence, luxury, elegance and beauty of the brocade. In traditional tones such as black and white, today we see them in unexpected colors creating even greater drama. Showing a weave pattern, this silk fabric is at … Read More

How to Choose Adequate Curtains

Por: Maritza Villarroel Exclusivamente para Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World When trying to select a curtain, the options can be many. To decide on a curtain, it is best to have a clear idea of the distinct varieties possible: shapes, design, fabric, length and functionality should all play a role in the … Read More

The Fabrics Utilized in the Confection of Haute Couture Fashion

By: Maritza Villarroel Exclusively for Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World Haute couture designers use only the finest fabrics and materials, which they painstakingly hand-stitch. Some pieces require more than 100 hours of labor depending on the design. However, it must be understood that the term “haute couture” comes from the French language, … Read More

Look Radiant and Modern to Welcome the New Year

By Maritza Villarroel Exclusively for Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World To celebrate the evening of December 31st, you should look radiant and own a modern dress to celebrate the welcoming of the New Year. The arrival of the New Year has a special meaning.  Women want to look beautiful and modern for … Read More

Designer Fabrics | Spring Inspired Designs

Source4Interiors is proud to offer you the entire line of Osborne & Little, Designer Fabrics and Wallpapers all at Exceptional Prices. Today we’d like to share with you some wonderful Spring inspired designs. Osborne & Little Salon Velvets offers four glamorous velvet designs in opulent colourings for both curtaining and upholstery, and pair beautifully with […]