Linen with Performance

The light “airy” breathability of Linen is enhanced with performance in Dormeuil’s new Cosmos collection of Spring jacketing fabrics. From Cosmos (903): 417.501 (1) 75% Worsted Wool 15% Silk 10% Linen 230 gr / 7.5 oz Worsted Wool adds strength and dimensional stability (as well as crease resistance) to this lightweight luxury cloth. From Cosmos … Read More

The Contrast Transition Vest

The Contrast Transition Vest   From the cooler months of Fall into the warmer months of Spring, a contrasting vest adds an element of very practical sartorial style. The contrast in the vest pattern can be subtle or bold and introduce another layer of texture and color. From Dorsilk Red bunch 854: 779.328 (28) 67% … Read More

Bespoke Utility Trouser Dormeuil Miami

Bespoke Utility Trouser The casual chic trend continues to evolve. A pair of custom made / bespoke utility trousers is a key ingredient in this new look that is relaxed but also practical. Many private clubs and restaurants require a standard of dress that excludes jeans. Stretch wool in a rich tobacco color can be … Read More

Jetset Style & Comfort Dormeuil Suit Miami

Jetset Style & Comfort   Today’s fast-paced jet-set lifestyle requires a fabric that performs under pressure. Amadeus Action is the answer.   An essential staple in a modern executive’s wardrobe is a subtle plaid in royal blue that can be worn as a suit or separately as a jacket if needed. From Amadeus Action bunch … Read More

Stars wear Stripes Dormeuil Miami

From the Streets of London to the Avenues of New York, the pinstripe suit is comfortably at home in the big city. New and exciting versions of this classic design pair wider and darker rope stripes against lighter grounds shades in bold blue and ice grey. From Amadeus Action bunch 851: 307.126 (26) !00% Worsted … Read More

The Classic Pure Camel Topcoat Dormeuil Fabrics

A fabric constructed with 100% camel hair has excellent insulating properties and is warm and comfortable due to the thermostatic properties which protect the animal from extremely cold conditions in the desert at night, as well as keeping it cool from the heat in the day. The undercoat fibers are very soft with a natural … Read More

The Fall “Grab & Go” Jacket

A last minute lunch invitation. A dinner date. Tickets to the theater that have just come up… A man needs an essential “grab & go” jacket for Fall (or a few for that matter)! Dormeuil’s new Dorsilk Red collection offers the perfect “casual chic” jacketing cloth for the Winter season.   Autumnal hues in a … Read More

Plain Weave Luxury Cloth Miami Dormeuil

Plain Weave Luxury Cloth  A plain weave cloth has the added benefit of breathability – when compared to a twill weave or prunelle weave cloth.  A plain weave cloth does not have the same crease resistance of twill, but has excellent crease recovery.  Constructed with select long filament worsted wool fiber, Dormeuil’s Tropical Amadeus (bunch … Read More

Presenting Dormeuil AQUAPLAN.

Dormeuil AQUAPLAN has arrived to our showroom!! With Aquaplan, elegance can endure the rigors presented be everyday life. Aquaplan has all the fabric qualities that Dormeuil strives to offer the luxury tailoring and garment manufacturing trade, plus, an additional spectacular feature: water simply rolls over the surface of this dynamic cloth, without penetrating its structure. … Read More

“Salvatore Ferragamo” Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2012-2013 For fall/winter 2012-2013 s designer Massimiliano Giornetti’s of Salvatore Ferragamo has focused his collection to 9 to 5ers working clothes. Elegant and sharp suits and coats were dominant pieces. Luxurious fabrics like velvets and moiré silks were mixed with salt-and-pepper tweeds and specked wools.