Plain Weave Luxury Cloth Miami Dormeuil

Plain Weave Luxury Cloth  A plain weave cloth has the added benefit of breathability – when compared to a twill weave or prunelle weave cloth.  A plain weave cloth does not have the same crease resistance of twill, but has excellent crease recovery.  Constructed with select long filament worsted wool fiber, Dormeuil’s Tropical Amadeus (bunch … Read More

Presenting Dormeuil AQUAPLAN.

Dormeuil AQUAPLAN has arrived to our showroom!! With Aquaplan, elegance can endure the rigors presented be everyday life. Aquaplan has all the fabric qualities that Dormeuil strives to offer the luxury tailoring and garment manufacturing trade, plus, an additional spectacular feature: water simply rolls over the surface of this dynamic cloth, without penetrating its structure. … Read More

“Salvatore Ferragamo” Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2012-2013 For fall/winter 2012-2013 s designer Massimiliano Giornetti’s of Salvatore Ferragamo has focused his collection to 9 to 5ers working clothes. Elegant and sharp suits and coats were dominant pieces. Luxurious fabrics like velvets and moiré silks were mixed with salt-and-pepper tweeds and specked wools.

The Next 4 Suits Every Man Needs

So you’ve got the 4 basic suits down and you feel prepared for almost anything. Right? Almost.  This week, Astor & Black fashion consultant Michael Macko talks about the next 4 suits you will need to take wearing suits from a lifestyle to an artform. If you’ve been wearing suits for a while and have [...]