The Lightness of Linen

Linen is a natural fiber and the highest quality linen comes from Europe; particularly France and Ireland. Linen fiber is lightweight and breathable so is the perfect ingredient for Summer fabrics designed for jackets as well as casual suits. The natural ecru taupe color of linen allows dyes to create the organic looking hues of … Read More


By: Maritza Villarroel Exclusively for Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World  In the setting of the 82nd edition of Pitti Uomo (Florence), the fashion fair where men’s trends are taking place, this time, for the 2013 Spring-Summer season, the Italian Fashion House Valentino took over the runway with the collection of khaki, grayish … Read More

Casa Dormeuil, 170 years of Innovation in Mens’ Latest Fashion

By: Maritza Villarroel Exclusively for Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World Founded in 1842, Casa Dormeuil established its famous fabrics in France, imported from England by its founder Jules Dormeuil. This family business quickly achieved fame and it became one of the most excellent and luxurious fabric distributors in France under the icon … Read More

Presenting Dormeuil AQUAPLAN.

Dormeuil AQUAPLAN has arrived to our showroom!! With Aquaplan, elegance can endure the rigors presented be everyday life. Aquaplan has all the fabric qualities that Dormeuil strives to offer the luxury tailoring and garment manufacturing trade, plus, an additional spectacular feature: water simply rolls over the surface of this dynamic cloth, without penetrating its structure. … Read More

Spring Trends for 2013: What You Will be Wearing

Astor & Black Fashion Consultant Michael Macko breaks down the biggest Spring trends from Men’s Fashion Week. The Men’s Spring Summer 2013 shows just concluded in Paris and we’ve been watching them very closely for the important trends that are going to evolve into what we’ll be wearing a year from now. Overall the shows [...]

The Next 4 Suits Every Man Needs

So you’ve got the 4 basic suits down and you feel prepared for almost anything. Right? Almost.  This week, Astor & Black fashion consultant Michael Macko talks about the next 4 suits you will need to take wearing suits from a lifestyle to an artform. If you’ve been wearing suits for a while and have [...]