Style Alert: The Denim Jacket

If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, then the jean jacket is America’s favorite fashion trend. From cowboys in the 1900s to Rock and Roll idols in the 80’s, the jean jacket is a true fashion staple that unites us all. It isn’t unattainable to the working class, and is admired by the upper class. It is a sign of rebellion to some, or a special hand-me-down to others. No matter the season, nor the occasion, a jean jacket is tried and true for all.
Take your denim look to the next level with our favorite jean looks:

Denim on Denim Fashion
Want to channel the 1980’s? How about the 90’s? Denim on denim will take you back to the era of grunge and punk rock, in a fashionable way. Take a page from Alina Gelzina and pair your denim jacket with high-waisted jeans and a crop top.

Denim & Dresses Fashion
Perfect for summer, denim jackets over any type of dress will keep you cool and stylish. Wearing a shining yellow dress, Blake Lively opts to dress it down perfectly with a jean jacket.

Patchwork Denim Fashion
Take a hand-me-down jean jacket and make it yours with your favorite band, brand, or character patch. Chiara Ferragni looks effortlessly chic with a plethora of stylish patches on the back of her jacket.

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