Stretch out the Summer with Dormeuil

Stretch out the Summer

Stretch fabrics are becoming more and more sophisticated due to the extensive R&D conducted by the House of Dormeuil.

From D Philosophy box 806: 886.607 (21) in 100% Cotton 9.5 oz

Summer suits, jackets and trousers have been revolutionized by Dormeuil’s 100% worsted wool stretch fabric; Exel.

Light on the shoulder and ideal for traveling, Exel provides exceptional form as well as comfort.

From Exel bunch 803: 836.035 (16)

A bold solid color tailored in Exel luxury cloth creates a sports jacket full of confidence, flair and style.

From Exel bunch 803: 836.115 (43)

A suit or jacket in stretch cotton is ideal for looking cool, calm and collected throughout the hottest months of the Summer.

From Naturals bunch 805: 885.403 (55)

Stretch out the Summer in style, with exclusive luxury cloths by the House of Dormeuil.

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