Rex Fabrics Online Fabric Store Becomes an American Express Member Favorite For 2014

Rex Fabrics - American Express

As we all know that Rex Fabrics online fabric store is one of the favorite online shops right now for great quality fabrics. Many customers have praised the great service they get from the online store and that has made them very well known in the digital world as well. This has reached the ears of the American Express, which most members also use to purchase their fabrics from Rex Fabrics online fabric store. Since it has become popular, the American Express has made them an American Express member favorite which could mean many great opportunities for the online shop.

Being an American Express Member favorite, they have awarded Rex Fabrics a promotional packet with little stands, a certificate and access to digital promotional tools that could help in the marketing strategies for their online portal. They are very grateful for the opportunity that American Express has given to them and has promised to make use of the said items to their fullest capacities so that they can gain more customers for their shop. This also in turn will gain members for the American Express. It is a good combination of strategies.

To help spread the American Express packets, these will be handed out with the purchases of the fabrics from the online fabric store. This way they can promote how they got the great title and also promote American Express that might in turn convince the customer to sign up for them. It could also spread around with just that packet along for the ride. In that packet are details on what American Express is and how to apply for their credit cards. It is a win-win situation for both of the groups.

Meanwhile, Rex Fabrics online fabric store has gotten a hefty group of customers after knowing they became the American Express member favorite for 2014. With that kind of boost for their online shop, more customers trust the great quality of their fabrics and can attract more so that they can shop online and choose only the best from them. Rex Fabrics is pleased that this has become a great asset for them.

Rex Fabrics though have released many more additions for their collections for their customers now that more of them are coming in by the droves. With the great demand for their great quality fabrics, it is their duty to create more to meet the demands of their customers. Since they are gaining more, they should reward them with better patterns of fabrics that might be useful for making great masterpieces for some fashion designers, tailors and more.

The boost of American Express has definitely made Rex Fabrics a sure hit on the internet. This will surely usher in more awards.

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