Why Purchasing Fabrics From Rex Fabrics Is Worth Your While



4Fabrics are the most important elements for a good masterpiece dress or suit if you are a tailor or a seamstress. You would want a good quality fabric to make a very good dress to finish but there are times that cheap ones can turn into great ones. Still the best quality fabrics will always yield the best dresses afterwards. That is why getting the best fabrics from the best fabric makers is the first thing a tailor or seamstress must do. Here are the vital reasons why you should buy fabrics from Rex Fabrics right now.

A wide collection of fabrics


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The good thing about Rex Fabrics is that they have a wide range of fabrics to choose from. The best part is they are in groups or collections of sorts. These collections are meant for every season so there are for spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are also for everyday clothing and also for extravagant clothing but mostly it is all about seasons. With this it would be easier for you to find which type of fabric you would want for your clothing you are about to create. This season they have the FRESH collection which was created in England. It is called as such because of its material which is made from 100% wool cloth. This makes the fabric feel cooler when worn so if you ever want cool clothing, it should be made from one of the fabrics from the Fresh collection. It has 22 different patterns and many of them are traditional checks and have some bright shades like turquoise and red.

They work with famous fabric manufacturers

Aside from being great fabric distributors themselves, Rex Fabrics works for some of the most prestigious men’s fabric companies from Europe. One of these fabric companies even had Sir Paul McCartney as one of their customers. The British icon chose some good fabrics with different shades like light medium and dark blue, a read and a light grey. With that kind of famous person as a customer for a partner fabric company, Rex Fabrics can be assured as one of the best fabrics distributor and manufacturer in the industry today.

The best accessories

If you want the best fabrics, you might also want the best accessories for your clothing to go with it. Rex Fabrics also has these great accessories you can purchase so that the suit will have a good match of accessories to go with it. These are made from the best yarns and fabrics with the elegant colors too. The WEEKEND collection is fully coordinated and it has some softly tailored jackets, chinos, jeans, cotton shirts, fine knitwear and a trench coat. They also have a wide range of leather accessories which are all made in Italy which is pretty much a great combination with these.

Those reasons alone could invoke you to purchase such great fabrics from Rex Fabrics. You will not regret your purchases, guaranteed.

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