Dormeuil’s Exel bunch book 607 features a Super 110’s plain weave fabric as well as a Super 130’s Prunelle (3 harnesses) weave construction.

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The name “Prunelle” was derived from the French word for plum, “Prune.”

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The Prunelle weave was traditionally used for scholastic robes and clergymen’s gowns and these were often made in a plum colour.

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A Prunelle weave fabric has a smooth surface and unique luster. A heavier grade of this weave was formally used for shoe uppers.

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The Prunelle weave is described as “warp facing” and this is because the warp yarns dominate the front (or face side) of the fabric.  

For a very contemporary and refined look, Dormeuil’s pure worsted wool Prunelle weave in the Exel bunch (with 20% stretch) is a must.

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Embrace the Spring with high-performance exclusive luxury cloth by the House of Dormeuil.

Luke Mayes
Sales Manager - North America

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