Plain Weave Luxury Cloth Miami Dormeuil

Plain Weave Luxury Cloth 

A plain weave cloth has the added benefit of breathability – when compared to a twill weave or prunelle weave cloth. 

A plain weave cloth does not have the same crease resistance of twill, but has excellent crease recovery. 

Constructed with select long filament worsted wool fiber, Dormeuil’s Tropical Amadeus (bunch 801) represents the very finest quality of plain weave fabric. 

The finish on plain weave fabric tends to be a little more matt when compared to the higher luster of a twill weave cloth. 

For hot and humid climates, a plain weave “Tropical” worsted wool will keep you and your clients looking and feeling cool in the heat. 

The ‘hand’ (or handle) of plain weave cloth tends to be a little drier when compared to a twill weave cloth, but the finishing on Tropical Amadeus is smooth and luxurious. 

Embrace the heat of summer in exclusive, limited edition, Tropical Amadeus luxury cloth by the House of Dormeuil. 


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