Paris Fashion Week Street Style

As the last of the “big 4”, Paris Fashion Week is rounding out the spring/summer season with a week of haute couture by the biggest fashion designers from around the world. While everyone is there to see the looks on the runway, the style from the street is equally as chic to admire. From models to designers, to celebrities and fans of fashion, we came up with our favorite looks off the runway.

Graphic Tees
The best part about grungy band tees is that they are easy to find, and pretty cheap. Break out one of your parents’ old tees or find one from the thrift store and pair with a leather skirt and heels to dress up, or pants and sneakers for a dress-down yet chic look.

Who doesn’t love an article of clothing that you can wear at the office or on the weekend? Blazers are very versatile, and like graphic tees, they can easily be dressed up or down.

Pastel Blue
A color that symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, and confidence is a color that should be worn by everyone. This light shade of blue is perfect for summer as it is easy on the eyes and pairs well with other colors like cream, yellow, or white.

Midi Dress with Draped Jacket
This look was been seen multiple times at Paris Fashion Week, and for a good reason. A midi dress can look sophisticated and proper, while the draped leather, jean or bomber jacket gives an edgy feel for a professional slightly offbeat look. Pair with slip-on sneaks or booties to complete the outfit.

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