Oxblood is the new Red DORMEUIL Miami

Oxblood is the new Red

Following on from Fall, Oxblood becomes an on-trend accent color for Spring Summer 2018.

From Calypso bunch 807 – 417.403 (3) 80% Worsted Woll 20% Linen 7 oz









Burgundy can sound a little too old. Maroon makes one think of a deserted island or, even worse, Adam Levine! 🙂

Auburn is a college. Crimson is for Alabama fans (which is fine, but not if you’re an LSU fan), but Oxblood sounds just right.

From Ambassador bunch 802 – 180.537 (42) 100 % Long Filament Super 180’s 7.5 oz









Vermillion can sound like a prescription and Scarlet can sound like the need for some Vermillion!

Oxblood has a masculine elegance to it and can be worn with accessories that make the color “pop” in your summer suit or jacket.

From Dorsilk bunch 804 – 880.018 (15) 55% Worsted Wool 435% Silk 8 oz










Oxblood is also the perfect color for an ultra modern tuxedo

From Exel bunch 803 – 836.108 (36) 100% Worsted Wool (with natural stretch) 8 oz

Enjoy the Spring and Summer in exclusive luxury cloth woven with family passion and pride by the House of Dormeuil.


Juan Marcano

Marketing Manager / Rex Fabrics

825 SW 37th Avenue, Miami FL 33135

+1 305-448-0028










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