Overcoats in Miami


A bespoke overcoat sets a man apart on the busy winter streets often filled with shapeless silhouettes.

Alpaca fiber provides volume and warmth with Worsted Wool adding strength and drape.

100% Baby Alpaca yarn creates a super soft coat in a classic herringbone design.

Pure Cashmere provides an incredibly soft touch and irresistible luster.

Cashmere & Worsted Wool are combined to achieve a durable coat with added texture.

A super heavy 25 1/2 oz Worsted Wool topcoat will keep you warm in the coldest climates.

Stay warm and look sharp in a bespoke topcoat tailored in Dormeuil luxury cloth.

Rex Fabrics Miami

825 SW 37th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33135, United States

+1 305-448-0028

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