Mr. Blue Sky in Miami Dormeuil

Mr. Blue Sky in Sky Blue

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, it’s time to embrace the Spring Summer season in bright luxury clothes – with linen fibers.

ELO’s classic hit, “Mr. Blue Sky” epitomizes the positive energy and spirit of Spring.

From Calypso bunch 807 – 417.416 (16) 80% Worsted Wool 20% Linen 7 oz










Sky Blue communicates a clean and crisp style and a bright mood.

From Calypso bunch 807 – 417.429 (29) 80% Worsted Wool 20% Linen 7 oz












What could celebrate the season more than a yachting-inspired boat blazer cloth with a dash of sky blue?

From Calypso bunch 807 – 417.414 (14) 80% Worsted Wool 20% Linen 7 oz












When combined with Worsted Wool, the Linen fiber is still soft and light and breathable – but with enhanced crease resistance.

From Naturals bunch 805 – 417.306 (29) 80% Worsted Wool 20% Linen 7 oz











For that casual chic “go-to” summer jacket, a knit de-constructed jacket in sky blue is the perfect wardrobe piece.

From D Philosophy bunch 806 – 886.503 (12) 92% Cotton 8% Linen 12.5 oz












Bask in the Summer sunshine in exclusive luxury cloth by the House of Dormeuil.


Juan Marcano

Marketing Manager

Rex Fabrics

825 SW 37th Avenue Miami FL 33135 United States

+1 305-448-0028




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