Linen With Performance Miami Outfit

Linen With Performance

There is nothing more comfortable than a linen suit or jacket when the weather gets hot.

Cool, light on the shoulder, and breathable; A linen suit or jacket is a must for the Summer season.

Linen is known for many things, but not the fiber’s wrinkle resistance.

Dormeuil has created fabrics that give the wearer all the benefits of linen – but with added crease resistance and crease recovery.












At a super-light 7 oz weight, Dormeuil has created these go-to fabrics for Summer in 80% Worsted Wool & 20% Linen:

From the Naturals bunch 805:

From the Calypso bunch 807:

Stay cool and look sharp in exclusive luxury cloth designed for Summer by the House of Dormeuil.

Juan Marcano / Rex Fabrics

825 SW 37th Avenue Miami FL 33135

+1 305-448-0028

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