Linen Outfit for the Miami Weather

There is a reason linen is often called the royal choice of fabrics. From the age of Pharaohs, it has been the preferred material for the emperors’ robes and clothing for people belonging to the ruler class. Till date, 100 % linen is favored by those with much-refined sense of style and fashion. Catering to that particular class in this city, Rex Fabric brings a fine collection of 100% linen fabric and bespoke tailoring service.

Made for Miami

Linen fabric definitely complements the taste of Miami men and women alike. Not just because of its finesse and neat look, but also due to the comfort it delivers all day long. Miami-Dade’s weather is quite different from the rest of the country, as winters here tend to be warmer, yet windy. That is what makes linen clothing perfect for this time of the year, especially when you plan to drive all the way to Coral Gables.

Style as You Like

Soft and flowy, linen is ideal for different occasions and events. As the leaders in bespoke tailoring for men and women, we can stitch anything from formal shirts for work to Guayaberas for the beach. It is a lightweight fabric that is easy to iron. Most importantly, linen shirts look just as amazing on women as they do on men.

Not to mention, a plain linen shirt will go perfectly well with formal suiting for both men and women. However, you need to be very careful about the quality of the fabric, as a low-quality linen might lose its original shape and size after a single wash.

When it comes to bespoke services, Miami residents trust Rex Fabrics, not just because of our extensive collection of colors and prints, but also due to the quality of stitching. So if you are looking for custom made shirts and the finest linen fabrics this season, don’t forget to check out our latest collection.

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