By Maritza Villarroel
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Fall is starting and this season of the year is filled with red, orange and brown colors that could be used in several details to decorate your home.

At the entrance of your door you can choose to place a crown made of straw or vine, flowers, pines and leaves in ocher, yellow, brown or red colors to decorate it.  You can also add plants and shrubs that will suggest to your guests that Fall has arrived.

Don’t only change the visual aspect.  You should also incorporate scents by using candles, incense and even a pot to boil cinnamon and nutmeg.

The options are unlimited.  For the cornucopia, which means abundant harvest with lots of food, we will need a basket or handicraft with real, preserved or artificial fruit and vegetables where pines, as dry fruit of the trees, cannot be missed.

The predictions as to the 2013 interior design trends bring a lighter color blue to the palette of colors; brown leather will be used as background in many decorative products, and in another facet, brown will turn reddish.  The olive color will be used in a darker tonality and purple will take its seat once again.  The camel cappuccino color and shades of creme, soft yellows, reds with orange tonalities and dark colors are the rules for next Winter.

One of the most distinguished trends of 2013 for interior design is through objects, colors and materials.  We are bringing forth elements of nature in rusty shades, rich earthy browns, greys that simulate stones, and neutral colors like sand, with the addition of deep red.  These colors produce an echo to the primitive men and their surroundings.

Another trend of this time period will be the color green, which is also a reflection of our desire of being in contact with nature inside our homes.  The forest will be represented by green tonalities that range from the lightest green to the darkest green, neutral tonalities like brown, and berry red together with sky blue.

If you are looking to inspire your home with this year’s trend, the decoration that you should use is one of very specific colors in objects, and on the fabrics used on your furniture and in every detail that inspires contact with the natural environment.





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