The ideal cloth for that essential “Grab & Go” jacket for Summer.

Sunday brunch, a late afternoon stroll in the park, or a surprise ticket to a new restaurant or club… It’s time to fetch that “Grab & Go” jacket and step out in style.

Dormeuil's new Amadeus 365 Jacketings collection for Spring '17 features exclusive designs that exude the very essence of contemporary elegance.

Green is a hot "must have" color for the season, and Amadeus 365 Jacketings delivers designs that are both cutting edge and highly wearable.

Paired with jeans, light grey 5 pocket pants, or myriad light shades of cotton drill, the green windowpane (420.089) is a statement cloth that sets your customers apart from the crowd.

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An innovative hopsack look gives this fabric (420.101) the appearance of an open weave basket construction - but without the risk of the cloth catching on watches and jewelry.

Paired with white jeans, olive cotton, or blue jeans, this vibrant cloth is luxurious and stunning. A button down shirt, polo, or mercerized cotton t-shirt all work with this casual chic look.

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This bold "fancy" jacquard weave (420.103) is at home in an uptown restaurant as well as in a downtown nightclub.

Worn with dark blue jeans or tailored 5 pocket trousers, your clients can wear this look with or without a tie. Smart, sharp, sophisticated, and buttoned up to perfection.

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Embrace the joys of Summer with exclusive luxury cloth woven with passion and pride by the House of Dormeuil.

Luke Mayes
Sales Manager - North America

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