iconik fancy nano

Following the success of Dormeuil’s innovative Aquaplan quality, as well as the iconik nano collection 457 (in solid colors), a new evolution in performance nanotechnology is here: iconik fancy nano.

The revolutionary nanotechnology provides a unique stain resistance which works in the same way as the lotus blossom leaf in nature; liquids simply roll off the ultra-smooth surface, rendering this luxury cloth water repellent.

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Liquids like wine, water, beer, and even coffee bead up and roll away. What could be better when having a drink in first class when a spot of turbulence arrives unexpectedly?

The fabric's luxurious


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The high crimp luxury fiber also gives the fabric a very subtle elasticity (in the weft) which adds both comfort and the ability to create a slimmer silhouette.


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The twill weave 250 gram (8 oz) designs are perfect for both suits and jackets.

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The plain weave 210 grams (7 oz) designs are ideal for those tropical climates that need a highly breathable suit, jacket or trouser cloth that performs in the heat.

iconik fancy nano: Woven in England with passion and pride.


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