The perfect fabric for Miami is iconik fancy nano

The perfect fabric for Miami…

iconik fancy nano

A Jet Set lifestyle requires a high-performance luxury cloth that has style as well as substance.

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Dormeuil has created iconik nano in fancy designs to broaden the application of this must-have cloth.

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A spot of turbulence on the flight that spills a little drink is no problem with liquid and stain resistant nano technology cloth.  

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The nano finish works in the same way as the lotus blossom in nature, harnessing the leaf's long-recognised water repellent properties where the structure means that liquid simply rolls off the ultra-smooth surface.

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A densely constructed twill weave gives the fabric crease resistance and crease recovery.

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Also available in plain weave designs, iconik fancy nano breathes while maintaining the cloth's water resistant properties.

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Dormeuil's iconik fancy nano is woven in England with passion and pride.

Luke Mayes
Sales Manager - North America

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