By Maritza Villarroel
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What should we do with those spare rooms in our homes that are reserved to welcome our guests?  These spaces are reserved for guests of any age and to make them feel comfortable, we should decorate the rooms in a very special way.

The first step is to keep in mind that we don’t know who will enjoy the rooms, therefore, we cannot decorate them with all the extras we may have since it should provide a comfortable and calm environment.

Depending on the space of the room, you can place a set of twin beds or a main big bed.  Ideally, it would be nice to have a sofa bed, where the guest is able to place some garments, a coat rack or a desk so that the room looks more cozy, and if we are able to place a chest of drawers, it would be ideal so that our guests can store their smaller belongings.  It’s always recommended to include extra sheets, towels and blankets in the closet.

It is recommended to use white color sheets because, while it is a neutral color, it will allow us to have greater versatility when mixing colors.  It also generates a sensation of cleanliness, immaculate appearance, and brightness.  You can place a blanket at the foot of the bed.  It can be in a single color or with print, stripes or geometric figures to provide a touch of color and bring life to the room.   Accessories like cushions will give your decoration a chic look.




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