Haute Couture Straight from Paris Fashion Week 2016

Haute Couture Straight from Paris Fashion Week 2016
In 1858 Charles Frederick Worth created the first haute couture house in Paris where he designed luxury fashion for high-class woman. In 1908, the term “haute couture” was used for the first time. Fast forward 108 years later, the City of Light is still one of the fashion capitals of the world. Every year, fashion designers, models, and lovers of couture flock to Paris for the last fashion week of the season. From Valentino to Karl Lagerfield, the couture is extravagant, beautiful, and mesmerizing. Although Paris Fashion Week 2016 has ended, the fashion from the runway is still a topic of conversation. Here are a few of the best designs that peaked the attention of couture-lovers everywhere:

Antonio Ortega
Sometimes we see couture from designers that are pieces that go far beyond our normal casual wear. Antonio Ortega’s line is a different story- these beautiful creations are all different pieces one can mix and match or create themselves with their own twist. Wear some heavy eye-makeup and you can walk around the streets of the city like it’s your own runway.

Franck Sorbier
Only Franck Sorbier can pull off Goth couture, kid models, and a show in a rose garden for a whimsical yet gorgeous spectacle. From black lace outfits to bold matching hats, give your style a mysterious and antiquated touch.

Valentino is known as one of the top designers in the world - and for good reason. His collection at Paris Fashion Week wowed the audience as the models showed off each stunning ensemble. Think a regal Queen of Hearts meets a fashion forward Addams Family (and we mean that in the highest regard).

Harpers Bazaar “The History of Haute Couture”

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