Haute Couture Colors for 2018

Taking a closer look at the Spring 2018 Haute Couture Collection pretty much sums up what to expect in 2018. The new trends in Haute Couture Miami so far have a wide range of dressy blacks, solid blacks, several designers have used classy purples and elegant whites. Gone are the days when designers focused on using vibrant and fluorescent colors. Most of the bright colors are nowhere to be seen in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Dress and gowns are still in for the Spring 2018 Fashion Miami, most of the outfits from popular fashion designers like Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp, Belgian fashion house A.F. Vandevorst, Gucci, Armani and other American and European designers are focused on using cool colors. The latest tailoring Miami trends like pale yellows, subtle shades of purple and pink, elegant combinations of different shades of whites.

Florals designs, striped blazers, tunics and column dresses with graphical patterns are the latest trends in dresses and gowns. Looking at the high fashion trends in mind, it’s safe to say that custom made dresses in Miami will be focused on incorporating the popular elements from international haute couture.

Monotones and cool colors in the various collection of 2018 will transform the fashion trending in Miami. You will come across quite a few monotones in this year’s haute couture collections. Some of the high-end brands such as Viktor & Rolf have used a perfect combination of dressy blacks with elegant whites in their collection and we expect to see similar trends for the next season’s couture too!

Jean Paul Gaultier has come with an elegant and inspiring black and white combinations to highlight the new trends for 2018. Elie Saab is some of the collections of monochromes with cool color meshes will surely bring a refreshing change to the trends in most of the Miami Atelier.

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