For Christmas Eve… Say… Yes! to the Dress

By Gladys Rodríguez-Dod
Exclusively By Rex Fabrics
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We all know that a dress has an allure… elegance and chic that pantsuits lack; but these are so comfortable that, personally, I prefer them. This winter, however, I have to admit that the great couturiers around the world have rewarded us with delicious designs that are not only beautiful, but also easy to wear... even comfortable!

I am talking about dresses that bring an aura of romanticism as well as convey the message that they are ideal for a mischievous and adventurous girl. They are sexy... simple... with a straight or wide skirt, highlighting the curves or... hiding them! Because... here anything goes! And, without a doubt, they are perfect for that special night, when we celebrate the birth of the Child King with our family and close friends. While Americans celebrate Christmas Day, we Latin Americans and Spaniards make out of the eve of Christmas the most important day of the year, and recreate that special night in Bethlehem, when a child came into the world to save us.

Among my childhood memories are those mornings when the aromas coming from our kitchen awakened me, sending a message of a very special dinner being prepared, with the roast suckling pig, yucca with its delicious mojo, black beans... and always a watercress salad with radishes. I remember Christmas vividly since the family always got together to attended Midnight Mass, where we received Holy Communion and, upon returning home late, it was then when we sat at the table to enjoy the delicacies made by our cook and servants, and all the treats imaginable.

For the children it was the night when we could go to bed late… because the birth of Jesus was a very special celebration which reaffirmed our faith. And since my grandmother was American, my cousins and I received a gift from that nice white bearded old man, Santa Claus, without even having to write him a letter, since that task was only for the Three Kings. Isn’t it so?

Thinking about it... with a heart full of wonderful memories, I decided I was going to wear a pretty dress this year; but one that allowed me to move with ease. For others who also will have a spectacular Christmas Eve, a dress that will enable them to be attentive to all around them without layers or ruffles to worry about is on call.

Once again, I reviewed all the fall-winter collections of some of my favorite designers, and found fashions that are truly a temptation... bright and sexy...!, fashions that allow us to dress simply but with great glamour. They are modern, sexy dresses... even sophisticated, warmly emphasizing the curves and offering a modern look.

If you are planning an intimate Christmas Eve, and you are in charge of all the preparations, then we recommend one of those tunic dresses from MISSONI, elegant and comfortable at the same time. In a beige, tan and peach pattern, they are very modern.

For a more fancy dinner, but one where you will definitely stand out, the RALPH RUCCI dresses are the ideal solution. Simply cut, in tones like deep purple, with short sleeves and a black fringe, as well as in the hem, they look very flirty and youthful.

ELIE SAAB handles wool with great taste. His curve-fitting dresses, in strong colors such as turquoise, green or red, with a small belt and spectacular décolletage, are very chic. If you have been invited to celebrate at any of your relatives, they are ideal. Add an out-of-this-world necklace and you will be the most elegant woman of the night. But if you want to look a little less striking, then a “little black dress” is perfect.

NINA RICCI fashions are irresistible, many with a small bow at the front. They are not only sexy, but have a certain dose of glamour. And for a more festive night you have the designs of CAROLINA HERRERA, who opted for printed silks with a white background and deep turquoise, fucsia, or black with yellow. As an original detail, there is some draping around the torso and the waist, as well as small belts to accentuate it.

If it is a more formal Christmas Eve, then we can recommend three options. The first are the dresses in pastel tones, falling softly and evoking the 1920s and the flappers, of EMPORIO ARMANI. They are simply sensational!

But you can also look at the dresses of Russian VALENTIN YUDASHKIN, inspired by Christian Dior’s New Look of the 1950s. With a wide skirt, in white, they are romantic and modern at the same time. It is the same purpose as OSCAR DE LA RENTA has with his designs, with prints or precious brocades to achieve greater impact.

Yes, for this Christmas, say… yes! to the dress, and do not forget that here at Rex Fabrics we are waiting for you, since we have all these fabrics and many more that will leave the strongest of women without a breath for their extraordinary beauty.

And to all, a very Merry Christmas! Will we see you here soon?


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