Fashion that Screams… Happy New Year!

By Gladys Rodríguez-Dod
Exclusively By Rex Fabrics
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I adore December… Its magic surrounds us and puts us in a mood of celebration. It is the month of exciting cocktails, family reunions, dinners with old friends and grand soirées, all culminating on Christmas Eve. It is also the month when we raise our glass of champagne for the year that has just ended, welcoming a new beginning.

Two thousand fourteen brings the promise that life is a matter of change... transformation... and that better times lie ahead. And to welcome the New Year, we also must dress in a very special way. After all... now means now! Let us put our worries aside and… have fun in grand style.

We want to look sensational on New Year’s Eve. There is no question about it. Luckily, the most famous designers have created wonderful designs ranging from opulence to simplicity, but sophisticated and full of glamour indeed.

You can either dress in white or black... in strong colors on pastels… in dresses made out of fancy materials or embroidered in sequins and stones, challenging the lights of any room. The purpose is to look out of this world... and whether your tastes are romantic or dramatic, you will find a perfect dress for the occasion.

Do you like lace? Break with the tradition of dressing sexy and opt for a flesh-colored design with a sleek cut. Or perhaps you prefer fashions that are easy to wear... comfortable. Then I recommend a one-shoulder dress with some draping and a not so very tight skirt, so you can dance until the wee hours of the morning.

You must be open to new ideas... explore the avenues that fashion presents. Remember that all your dreams will come true in 2014... so to welcome the new year you must dress spectacularly. I assure you, though, that no matter what outfit you wear, they will shout Happy New Year!

This time CARLOS MIELE used soft satins leaning towards flesh tones, draping the torso and letting the skirt fall beautifully in diagonal layers. NINA RICCI chose white for their evening wear, with light feathers dotted tastefully around the waist and torso and even pleated the skirt in parts. A style of understated elegance! But VALENTINO was inspired in the past for his lace dresses, which are of unexpected beauty; but in very sober designs... that create an aura of “good girl”... even if you are a devil!

For GUCCI color was very important, and his range of blues is excellent. Highly sophisticated are his dresses designed with a satin skirt and a tulle torso accented with feathers; while at the house of VERSACE the creators used white brilliantly, with a slit skirt revealing one leg. It’s a rather complicated cut, but very striking indeed.

ELIE SAAB launched the prettiest lace designs in strong and unexpected shades, from sapphire blue to emerald green. OSCAR DE LA RENTA offered simple cut creations, but in exquisitely embroidered textiles in the same tone, ranging from green to fuchsia. And VALENTIN YUDASHKIN presented us a very romantic style, designed with off-the-shoulder gathered straps dropping gracefully on the arms, in pretty light shades, especially in an ice grey tone that is… to die for!

But it was GIORGIO ARMANI who won the most applause with his dramatic creations in black. They are perfection… in the cut, in the fit, in the texture. Ideal for that triumphant entrance so many women enjoy.

And, to all, Happy New Year! Goodbye 2013! Welcome 2014!

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