Fall Texture Dormeuil Fabrics Miami

As we approach the Fall season, cloth texture becomes an important element in the trend toward casual chic elegance.

From the new 15.7 (bunch 751)

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For the “night club jacket” look, rich midnight navy is tailored into fitted jackets paired with jeans and a white shirt.

From the new Krono (bunch 752)

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For the “country chic” look, lovat green is paired with earth tones in denim, cotton corduroy, and whipcord.  

From the new Cashasilk (bunch 753)

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For the “high street” look, textured yarns and boucle yarns are employed to create fashion fabrics with loft and body for de-constructed jackets.  

From the new D Philosophy Winter (box 754)

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For state-of-the-art performance, stretch fabrics in 100% wool deliver incredible comfort and crease resistance.

From the new Exel Blue (bunch 755)

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Embrace the Fall in sumptuous, textured exclusive luxury cloth by the House of Dormeuil.

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