Which Fabrics to Choose for Men’s Contemporary Lifestyle

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There are many different kinds of fabrics to be used for making great men’s clothes and all of them have their own purposes. A collection is mentioned in Rex Fabrics which is perfect for the contemporary lifestyle of men when they want to wear these clothes with the fabrics they want to feel cooler and relaxed rather than pelting with sweat because it is too warm. This is the FRESH collection which is the best ones yet from the Rex Fabrics collection. Here are the benefits why you should choose these over other fabrics.

What is the FRESH collection?

The FRESH collection is a collection that was made in England. It is named as such because of its advanced finishing process and also the fact that the fabrics are made of 100% wool cloth. With that kind of material, it makes the fabric very cool when worn and a lot of tailors and seamstresses like this kind of fabric especially in the summer. These can make different kinds of clothes that will feel cool when worn.

What kind of variations does this collection have?

The FRESH collection about 22 different patterns for you to choose from and they are all available at Rex Fabrics. Many of these patterns are of traditional checks which have different kinds of bright shades like the turquoise and red. These colors will definitely help in battling the hot summer sun since these colors do not make you feel too hot unlike the dark colors.

What accessories to add to it?

If you are one of those who wants to travel much but wants to stay with the look of a businessman and also wants to stay cool and comfortable while travelling then you have to choose the best accessories. These accessories will have to go with your favorite suits made with the fabrics from the FRESH collection. These accessories are the embodiment of a gentleman who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life but also feels cool and comfortable at the same time. Choose from the WEEKEND collection which is a coordinated group that includes softly tailored jackets, chinos, jeans, cotton shirts, fine knitwear and trench coats. All of these will suitably match with your suits from the FRESH collection. They are made from the best yarns and fabrics which are all in elegant colors. They also have a wide range of leather accessories that are all made in Italy. These provide you the essential extras that perfectly match with your business and casual suits.

Rex Fabrics is a fabulous fabric store that has many great fabrics to choose from. You can choose fabrics from them that would really suit your needs for every season since they have all of the collections that are in line with the seasons for each. All of their fabrics are made from the finest materials you can find and from the best raw materials that they can find so you can be sure that all of their fabrics are top-notch quality.

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