Dormeuil Exel Blue for Spring in Miami

Dormeuil Exel Blue

For Spring 2018, the House of Dormeuil will introduce a new Exel Blue Spring bunch (803) in late January to run concurrently with the existing Exel Blue Fall bunch (755).

The new Exel Blue 803 bunch will replace the existing Exel 607 bunch.

Following the incredible success of Exel, Exel Blue is a brand-new, up to the minute range of contemporary designs in 100% worsted wool stretch fabric.

The new collection adds a large selection of solid colors, micro-designs, and semi-plains.

The Exel Blue range is a perfect example of technical prowess married with the creation of cloth designs for modern elegance.

Master tailors will appreciate the comfort and luxury offered by Exel Blue as an ideal travel fabric, which exploits the natural elasticity of luxury wool fiber without the need for the addition of synthetic yarns.

The House of Dormeuil’s expertise is summed up by the Exel Blue range: technical mastery with a strong eye for contemporary style and design.


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