Exclusivity & Authenticity by Dormeuil

Exclusivity & Authenticity

Are genuine exclusive fabrics of critical importance to your business model?

If they are not, we believe they should be!

The DNA of genuine exclusive luxury cloth can now be traced and verified. Consumers of luxury product demand authenticity and the intrinsic value of rare and precious ingredients.

Consumers are tired of over-marketed faux luxury – they demand reassurance in order to appreciate what they are paying for.  


The complex colors of exclusive top dye luxury cloth cannot be copied or recreated using any other manufacturing process.

The QR Code on each Dormeuil bunch book (folder or box set) will take you to the “live” stock information at Dormeuil’s mill in England: You’ll see that nothing at Dormeuil is mass produced. 

There is a polarization between mass produced product and genuine exclusive luxury product.

The more a custom clothing business reduces the high-touch nature and exclusivity of the product, the more competition they’ll have and the lower their prices will need to be in order to compete.


The more personal, high-touch, and exclusive the product is, the less competition a custom clothing business will have and the higher the prices can be.

Enjoy the Spring Summer 2018 season with genuine exclusive luxury cloth designed and woven by the House of Dormeuil.


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