Drapery Styles for your Miami Home

Curtains are not necessarily a top priority when you need to decorate your home, and sometimes you might opt for a sub-standard solution. On the contrary, you should focus on getting premium draperies made from the finest fabrics in various designs. They can give your interior a striking backdrop that enhances the beauty and elegance of the entire room. In this blog, we will give you some fantastic ideas about decorating your home with amazing drapery styles, so let’s start:

Box Pleat Drapes

Custom made draperies are available in all different fabrics, colors, patterns, sizes, and qualities that suit different needs. For dining, lounge, and a study, the best style is the box pleat curtains. These drapes form deep folds down the full length of the curtain. The box shape is beautifully lined up next to each other that gives a formal elegant pleated look.

Contemporary living room with gray couch, pouf, and big windows

Rod Pocket Curtains

Another popular style of draperies Miami is the rod pocket curtains, they are generally made from flowy lightweight fabrics that do not require frequent opening and closing. The casing sewn across the top is open towards the ends. They are usually hung from a slender rod that can fit into a socket or a hook located on each side of the window. They are installed in formal rooms like a study or a lounge.

Plant on table and lamp in the warm living room with yellow curtains, posters, and pillows on the sofa

Sheer Draperies

These draperies are perfect for bedrooms as the sheer fabric allows little privacy while allowing the gentle flittering of the light. For an excellent design idea, use them with blinds to block out the light completely when needed. Decorative services offer sheer curtains as a tab top design but they are easily transformed into other drapery styles.

Choosing the right curtains for your home is essential because they add a new aesthetic element to the interior of your home. Contact a professional retailer to get perfectly styled drapes for every room.

Cozy romantic interior design of spacious pale blue bedroom with sheer canopy curtains over comfortable doubled bed

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