Dormeuil Fabric

Flannel: A soft touch with a clean and elegant finish.

Flannel can be produced in plain weave or twill weave and is usually produced using carded yarns.

Dormeuil 795.207 "Cashmere Air" is a plain weave luxury cloth in 100% Cashmere that has been napped:

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The "Raising" process can be employed through "Napping" where wire-covered rolls "brush up" the individual fiber ends and also through "Sueding" where abrasive-covered rolls are applied to the fabric to create a shorter pile surface.

Dormeuil 794.003 "Cashasilk" is a twill weave luxury cloth using Cashmere & Silk with a subtle napping applied in the finishing:

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The brushing process creates softness and volume and can be applied to one side of the fabric or both sides.

Dormeuil 407.003 from the "British Collection" is finished on both sides and is delivered ready for the needle:

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As a result of the raised surface, still air is held within the fabric and this adds to the fabric's ability to remain warm.

Dormeuil 843.295 "15.7" has a light and soft hand but maintains the ability to keep the wearer warm:

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Flannel also has the added benefit of looking clean and wrinkle free as the raised surface hides creases.

Dormeuil 440.043 "Amadeus Jacketing" will be part of the new Fall '16 collection and will always look smart and sharp:

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