Dormeuil and the Environment Miami Fabrics

Dormeuil and the Environment.

Dormeuil’s green policy follows on naturally from the House’s long tradition of working with natural fibers for more than 175 years. 

These natural fibers, sourced from far flung countries where animals have been raised naturally for thousands of years, are the epitome of sustainable, organically raised flocks which yield high quality, authentic fibers which the House of Dormeuil is careful to respect in the way it is processed, spun, woven and finished. 

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Animals producing wool, like the Kirgyz goat with its luxurious hair, the Pashmina goat’s soft but warm coat, the Cashmere goat with its coveted fiber, the Royal Qiviuk with cloud-soft hair from the musk-oxen herds in northern Canada, the fine fleeces of the Australian and New Zealand Merino sheep, as well as the protected Vicuna fiber, perhaps the most precious of all, from the high Andes in South America. These all form part of the naturally sourced raw materials used by the House of Dormeuil. 

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Dormeuil produces its products to international standards of responsible production, notably being an early adopter of REACH; regulations on ‘Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals’. The aim of the regulatory system is to safeguard human health and the environment from risks which could be posed by chemicals, by the promotion of alternative test methods and the free circulation of non-toxic substances. This also fosters the aim of enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

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Dormeuil produces the world’s best cloths with family passion and pride.

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