Dormeuil Celebration Collection Fabrics Miami


There is a renewed interest in formal clothing and “fancy” jackets for nightclubs, parties, and charity events.

A refined graphics collection. The Dormeuil design studio has let its creativity run free to surprise you and set the trend! New designs in wool and lurex take pride of place, the monochrome range with its rich, original and subtle patterns is ideal for dinner jackets and feminine outfits. Checks toy with shade and light, plant motifs capture the light whilst gold and silver give a festive look!

Through young tailoring with satin lapels and bias piping, evening attire gets a breath of fresh air with stretch fabrics as well as fancy jacquard weave designs. 

The younger the market the more flamboyant the fabrics are.

Luster and satin finishes are accentuated with saturated colors and paisley jacquard designs. 

Celebrate in exclusive luxury cloth designed and woven by the House of Dormeuil.

Happy Holidays!


Rex Fabrics Miami

825 SW 37th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33135, United States


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