By Maritza Villarroel
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The selection of curtains adequate for your windows has considerable influence on your home’s environment and before decorating them, we should study their functions in order to obtain the results according to their type and what we wish to bring out in them.

Through this article, REX FABRICS hopes to offer you some hints so that you may take the greatest advantage of this detail that is of so much importance when carrying out the interior decoration of your home.

If you have a narrow window that you wish would look wider, you should place light color curtains on both sides.

If, to the contrary, your window is wide and you want it to look more narrow, you should leave the curtains together on the top and separate them towards the sides on the bottom.  This detail is very important when the window is too big and in a small space.

If you have a window that is too low and you wish to give it an appearance of a higher look, you should expand the space of the window frame with a curtain rod for the placement of light color curtains as long as the fixture allows for it.  This details is perfect for spaces with low ceilings.

If your window is too high and you desire the opposite effect, you will have to place short curtains in yellow, orange or red colors.  This option will allow you to counteract the sensation of confinement created by spaces with high and small windows that are generally built in galleries or patios with reduced lighting.

Vertical curtains are perfect to separate work spaces inside a large office, and light colors allow the light to come through and provide a touch of elegance to the chosen workplace.

It is necessary to remember that what is most important is to measure and place the curtains correctly, otherwise, if we make a mistake, the curtain will end up somewhat askew.





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