The Different Line Ups for Rex Fabrics


Rex Fabrics 22If you are a tailor, you would need several materials for you to use so that you make your grand creation of fashionable clothing. You would need your basic tools like needles, pins, threads and other types of tools from your sewing kit. You would also need machinery to compensate. Lastly, you would need the perfect fabric with its best colors, textures and patterns that would coincide with your design for the perfect masterpiece. Rex Fabrics has a lot of different types of fabrics in their collections that you'll surely would want to have for your creations. Here are some of their best ones in the market today.

The Fresh Collection

The Fresh collection is what it is meant to be shown: a collection of fresh fabrics. These fabrics guarantee a contemporary lifestyle look. This is due to the patterns that it has which are 22 different patterns of count. Most of these patterns are the traditional checks. They also have those bright shades like turquoise and red. For the material itself, the fabric is made of 100% wool which is done by an advanced finishing process to create these. It gives it a much cooler feel when the fabric is made into clothing and worn by a person. This is guaranteed to look very splendid even under the hot summer sun.

The Weekend Collection

If you are looking for some fine accessories to your wardrobe then the Weekend Collection is the best collection for you. This is a coordinated collection which has different kinds of it which include softly tailored jackets, chinos, jeans, cotton shirts, fine knitwear and a trench coat. There are also a wide variety of leather accessories and they are all made from Italy which compliments perfectly with your wardrobe along with the Weekend Collection. The collection is made of the best yarns and fabrics in very elegant and classy colors. They are definitely chosen for a gentleman’s taste. They are for the businessmen too who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.

They are also working with their partner that has been praised by many international artists as of late. One of those who ordered some fine fabrics from their partner was Sir Paul McCartney from the famous Beatles band. He chose different shades of fabrics like light medium and dark blue, a red and light grey. Rex Fabrics is very proud to be working with a very prestigious partner such as them and is willing to have the same type of quality service to give to you from them.

Rex Fabrics is one of the best when it comes to distribution of the finest fabrics and accessories for men. If you want the finest fabrics that you can get for a very affordable price, then you should get it from them. They have a vast collection of fabrics to choose from so you better check them out right now before it is too late.

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